Our Overnight Suites are our largest and most luxurious accommodations. We have brought in the latest technology to keep you and your pet connected during their stay. Many boarding facilities have the ability for you to watch a webcam and view your dog during their stay. Indulge Pet Resort is different! Each of our suites are equipped with 2 way video chat capability. Not only can you see and hear your pet during their stay, but they can see and hear you through a dedicated screen at doggie height in their Suite. Furthermore, using our Smartphone App, you will have the ability to dispense treats to your pet at any time during their stay! This is truly the gold standard of connectivity!

Features include:

  • 2 way interactive capability
  • Complimentary 30 min. private Private 1:1 session or 30 min. group play
  • Private in-suite dining

Our team is more than capable of handing almost any medical condition your dog may have! Click the icon for more information on our partner, Berlin Animal Hospital.

Our Overnight Condo accommodations are perfect for small to medium size dogs. These Condos are a classic boarding style with glass faced doors and offer a comfortable and relaxing space for dogs under 45 lbs.

Features include:

  • Complimentary 30 min. private 1:1 session or 30 min. group play
  • Private in-suite dining

All visitors should bring their favorite food with them for their stay to prevent dietary upset. (*Each meal must be placed in a separate baggie. Please include 1 extra meal.)

​Learn more about this on our policies page here

Multiple Pet Discount: 10% off each additional pet per night*
 Let us take care of all your pets!
 Service Dog Discount: 10% Off*
 Because of all they do for us.
 Military/LEO/Fire Fighter: 10% Off*
 A small way for us to show our appreciation!
 Senior Citizen: 10% Off*
​ Some things get better with age.

* Valid ID required at time of drop off. Discounts cannot be combined. Discount is applied to the overnight boarding reservation and does not apply to peak season charges or add on services.

 Overnight Condo: $45
  Your pet's home away from home!
 Overnight Villa: $50
  Let your pet live in style!
 Overnight Suite: $55
  Our best room for man's best friend!


Our Overnight Villas are just the right size for larger dogs or multiple small and medium dogs from the same household who wish to lodge together. This classic boarding style with glass faced doors is a comfortable and relaxing area for your pet, 45 lbs and over.

Features include: 

  • Complimentary 30 min. private 1:1 session or 30 min. group play
  • Private in-suite dining

Peak holiday rates may apply. View our Holiday Rates Page for info.

AVAILABLE ADD-ON SERVICES (charge is per day/each):

  • Brushing: $5
  • Nail Trim: $20
  • Dremel Nail Trim: $30
  • Evening stuffed Kong toy: $5
  • Administer Medication $5 (This fee includes up to 2x/day, maximum 2 medications, additional fee will apply if more doses are required
  • Private 1:1 play session (15 min. each): $10
  • Evening snuggle with bedtime story: $15
  • Family Playtime (up to 3 dogs - 30 min.): $20
  • Puppy Package (3 meals per day, snuggle time, stuffed Kong, extra play time): $30
  • ​Bottled water: $5
  • Gourmet cookies before bed: $5
  • Extra Meal(s): $10
  • Separating Food (at time of drop off): $25