​​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What vaccines do my pet need to attend daycare/boarding?

A: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (every 6 months), Canine Influenza H3N2 & H3N8 (this series can take 2-4 weeks to complete), and Giardia Fecal test (every 6 months). To read more about our vaccine requirements click here.

Q: What should I expect on my dog's first day of daycare?

A: Drop-off times are between 7:30 am - 9:30 am, we ask that you bring your pup before 9 am that way they can be the first out to group allowing them to acclimate properly to all their new friends. All dogs get an hour break between 12 pm - 1 pm, you may bring lunch or a snack in a labeled ziplock bag. Daycare ends at 4 pm and pick-ups are from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. 

Q: Why do you require Bordetella every 6 months?

A: Dogs that interact frequently with other dogs, like at dog parks or doggy daycares, should receive Bordetella (the kennel cough vaccine) every 6-12 months. This helps to keep your best friend healthy, while also preventing other dogs in the facility from catching germs. The Bordetella vaccine is about 80% effective, so our veterinarians feel that we are providing your pup with the best coverage by requiring it to be boostered every six months, per AAHA (the American Animal Hospital Association)'s recommendation.

Q: How do I get started?

A: To get started at Indulge, we ask you first to go online and make an account on our online portal here. From there you can upload vaccines, request boarding, and daycare. We need to meet every dog beforehand and ask that you call us or request a Temperament Evaluation online. All dogs must have all required vaccines before they can attend daycare. 

Q: What should I bring when I board my dog?

​A: When bringing your dog for an overnight, you can bring a blanket/bed and a toy. All rooms have a raised cot included so bringing your own bedding is optional. To avoid dietary upsets we ask that you bring the food your pup eats at home in individual baggies (one bag per meal). Read more about feeding requirementshere

Q: Can I tour the facility?*

​A: Yes! You may visit us anytime during normal business hours, no appointment necessary. You are more than welcome to stop by without notice, however, you may need to wait until someone is available to take you on a tour. You can also see photos of the facility here.

*We are not currently allowing tours due to COVID-19

Q: When are weekend pick-up times? (Boarding only)

A:  We offer pick-ups on Saturday and Sunday at 10 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm. Dogs will not be permitted to go home outside of these designated times.