Marissa - Daycare Attendant

Amber adopted her first dog, Elliot, in February 2018 and recently adopted her second dog, Lola, in October 2018. She also has two cats, Erised and Sassy. Amber's love for all animals has not only carried through to her job but also inspired her to become vegan. 

Ava loves all animals and dogs have always been a part of her life. She currently has two dogs, Shadow and Penelope who she enjoys going for hikes and long walks with and a black cat named Groot.

When Caitlin's not at work, she's on the backroads of middle-of-no-where towns finding the next big view. She enjoys spending time with friends by fires and finding inspirational content to write about. Whether it's getting lost in the woods or hanging out at home with her cat, Bic, she always has a smile on her face!

Leigh has been working with animals for over 22 years as a veterinary technician and now as a daycare supervisor! She has four kids and many pets including dogs, cats, a hedgehog, a bunny, and a saltwater aquarium. She has spent time volunteering with the New England Aquarium and helped rehabilitate the cold-stunned turtles. She is a newlywed looking forward to owning a farm someday soon with her new husband!

Kristin enjoys staying active in the Pitbull rescue community and has been a technician since 2002. Doing double duty training and fostering Pitbull, along with raising her own dogs Dylan and Argo, she is an animal lover, through and through.

Sarah - Kennel Attendant

Hi! I’m Sarah. I have 2 dogs Phoebe and Ruby who are pug/Shih Tzu mix and they love just relaxing on the couch and of course, getting treats! I enjoy swimming, going to the movies, and listening to music.

Jessica - Kennel Attendant

Sydney - Kennel Attendant

Kristen has one dog, Rey, and two cats: Callie and Vincenzo. She loves all  animals and has been an avid horseback rider since the age of 8. Kristen and her husband enjoy fixing up their house in their free time.

Stephanie has always had a passion for animals, although she has never had a dog of her own she has other pets like two guinea pigs, a hamster and a lizard. She is currently going to school to become a Veterinary Technician. In her spare time she loves to do art work and travel.

Alyssa- Daycare Attendant

Kayla - Kennel Attendant


Kate has lived on a farm her whole life. She has a variety of her own farm animals as well as a few dogs and some reptiles too! She hopes to one day become either an exotic or farm animal veterinarian. 

Sean has been around animals for all of his childhood, from dogs to cats, and even birds. He is currently a high school student with plans to study engineering in college.

Leigh -   Daycare Supervisor 

Caitlin - Daycare Attendant

Karol has always had a passion for helping and putting her heart into everything she does. Her love for animals grew into something bigger when she adopted her Jack Russell terrier and began a vegan lifestyle. She hopes to one day in the future pursue a career in the Veterinary field working with helping wildlife, and become more active with animal rights.

Emma loves all animals and has been working with cats and dogs for over ten years. She loves spending time with her three cats: Dexter, Piper, and Odin.

Kayla has always had a ton of love for all kinds of animals. She grew up with many cats and dogs her whole life, which inspired her to work with animals. Kayla is completing a degree in psychology and plans to do more schooling to become a vet tech. 

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Kristen S - Manager

Sean - Kennel Attendant

Emma - Receptionist

Ava - Receptionist, Kennel Attendant 

Alyssa is a lover of all animals. She rescued her first dog Lady in January 2017. She also owns two cats and another rescue dog, Bella. She loves to go hiking and travel in her free time. She plans on going to school in the future to be a veterinary technician.

Shelby - Kennel Attendant

Marissa was never allowed to have a dog growing up, so she makes up for it by loving everyone else's dogs. In the future, she wants to use music to rehabilitate animals with histories of anxiety and abuse. She has one hamster named Bellamy, who has stolen many hearts.

Karol - Kennel Attendant 

Amber - Receptionist, Daycare Attendant 

Kristin F - Manager, Veterinary Technician 

Kate - Daycare Attendant,

Kennel Attendant

Stephanie - Kennel Attendant

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Sydney is a lifelong dog lover and owns a

9 year old Golden Retriever named Charlie.  She is currently enrolled at Roger Williams University, studying Environmental Science and Mathematics. She loves to attend yoga classes in her spare time.

Erin is a lifetime animal lover, she rescued an 11 year old lab named Jake. She is currently taking a class to become a veterinary assistant. In her spare time, Erin loves to travel.

Erin - Kennel Supervisor