Erin - Kennel Supervisor

Stepfanie - Reception Supervisor

Alyssa - Daycare Attendant

Stepfanie is a small town Vermont girl who has one cat, Tucker Magoo, and a dog, Cooper John. She loves to watch Disney movies in her spare time!

Kana currently has two Russian tortoises named Bonnie and Clyde and one fish. At home, she grew up with 4 sheep, a goat, 11 chickens, 4 ducks, 1 rabbit, 15 birds, a bearded dragon, and a leopard gekko! In the past, she spent time with a dog breeder and has volunteered with a service dog program.

Emma - Receptionist/

               Daycare Supervisor

Emma loves all animals and has been working with cats and dogs for over ten years. She loves spending time with her three cats Dexter, Piper, and Odin.

Meet Our Team

Kristin enjoys staying active in the pitbull rescue community, and has been a technician since 2002. Doing double duty training and fostering pitbulls, along with raising her own dogs Dylan and Argo, she is an animal lover, through and through.

Kristin F - Manager

Kana - Daycare Attendant  

Alyssa is a lover of all animals. She rescued her first dog Lady in January 2017. She also owns two cats and another rescue dog, Bella. She loves to go hiking and travel in her free time. She plans on going to school in the future to be a veterinary technician.

Kristen S - Manager

Kristen recently adopted her first dog, Rey, and has a cat named Callie. She loves all  animals and has been an avid horseback rider since the age of 8.

Erin is a lifetime animal lover who rescued her first dog,  Jake,  four years ago. Her hobbies include traveling and photography.