Before your pet stays with us for boarding or daycare, we require an evaluation to ensure the best possible experience for your pet. During this evaluation, we will go through several actions with your pet such as putting a lead on and off, simple verbal commands, interactions with toys, walking them into and out of a kennel, and introducing them to another dog (dog introduction is optional if you decide you do not want your dog interacting with other dogs or they are dog-aggressive). Please keep in mind that a dog introduction is required for them to attend daycare. 

  • All medical needs and conditions must be disclosed prior to your pet's stay with us. We can care for just about any medical need your pet may have, we just need to know about it!

  • All animals will have a flea check at intake. If any dog is found to have fleas or ticks, they will be treated immediately and the cost of treatment will be applied to your account. 

  • We strongly recommend all dogs experience one free overnight stay with us so that they can get used to the facility (terms and conditions may apply).

  • A deposit equal to 2 days stay is due upon booking of any peak dates. Reservations will not be held more than 24 hours after submission for any stays that do not have a deposit.

  • Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours before your scheduled check-in time. During peak holiday times, we require no less than 7 days notice before your scheduled check-in time. If we do not receive sufficient advance notice of cancellation,  the deposit will be charged.

  • ​We require payment in full at the time of drop off (unless a deposit has been received in advance, in which case, the remainder is due at drop off.)

  • Vaccine titers are accepted within 1 year.


  • Rabies - Current
  • Distemper (DHPP) - Current
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) - Within 6 months
  • H3N2 & H3N8 Influenza - Current
  • Fecal test - Within 6 months
    • Please note fecal tests need to test specifically for O&P along with Giardia. We will not accept any sort of fecal test that does not specifically test for Giardia. Passive fecal tests such as floats, in theory, can find Giardia, but in reality, do not.

We MUST have received updated records at least seven days before your pet's visit with us!



Medical Requirements - If your veterinarian does not offer the below items, specifically a Giardia fecal test and BOTH Influenza vaccine strains, please let them know they are needed to attend our facility. We are not looking to substitute medical advice for your individual animal, however, these are our requirements to bring your pet to Indulge Pet Resort in order to keep everyone happy and healthy.

​​​​​FEEDING​ (boarding only)

We require all visitors to come with their own food to avoid dietary upsets. Please separate your pet's food into individual Ziploc baggies. Please label these bags with am/pm, the date to be fed, and name. Please include 1 extra meal.

If you supply your pet's food but do not separate it, we will be happy to supply the labor to separate, label, and properly prepare the supplied stock at an additional fee.