"They are kind and compassionate! My dog Tucker loves chilling out at daycare!"

"Awesome facility. Amazing staff. I'm so grateful my dogs are with knowledgeable, friendly, interactive staff  :) I can't write enough positive remarks... Dogs are happy and excited to see Kristin in the morning:). She is amazing as well.. And they are exhausted when they come home.. A sign of a great productive day. It is great to be able to leave your dogs and feel confident they are being well cared for. A great big thank you to the dedicated staff!"

This is the most exceptional place for daycare and boarding! We also love Berlin Animal Hospital that is in the same building! It makes me so happy to know that I have a safe and fun place to take my dog. Everyone that works there is superb and you can tell that they love what they do! 

It's great to know my pup is in good hands when I need to travel for work! The team is so friendly and the facility is amazing.


I decided to visit Indulge after hearing so many nice things. I had heard they were "pricey" from people who'd never visited, but after checking the prices online and not thinking they were too much more than what I had been paying somewhere else, I knew I owed it to my dogs to see what they had to offer. I was •immediately• impressed by the smell (sugar cookies!) and the cleanliness. I didn't feel like I was at a boarding facility or a vet's office based on that alone. The staff was friendly, personable, and happy to give me an unplanned tour. Behind the scenes was just as impressive, clean, and welcoming as the reception area. I kept interrupting my guide to comment on it, it was that noticeable. The play areas--both inside and out--were immaculate and the outside yard had so many fun things for the dogs to do. The boarding kennels were like little rooms and there were 3 options to choose from--each one with an adorable name and a little different from the next. I liked that my two guys could board in the same kennel together and would also get play time with the other dogs. 

My dogs have stayed there twice so far and they love it! I have one little rescue who used to get nervous that he was going back to the pound when he boarded but even he wags his tail and goes in happily. They both come home even happier than they went in (seriously!) and they come home smelling better, too--no need to have them groomed to get rid of that boarding smell anymore! And the staff is amazing. You can tell they •love• dogs and truly enjoy them. To see both my dogs not want to leave and to quickly acknowledge me at pick up but then head back to the staff to give them more love....that makes me feel better about not being able to always take them with me.

Very nice facility. Drop off and pick up quick and easy. My girl is exhausted after a day of play! Well worth it in my book. 

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Our dog Lucy had a wonderful first daycare and boarding experience at Indulge! She was given lots of love and came home very tired, which is a good thing! The facility is spotless and the outdoor area is perfect. Every time we arrive, the staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. I am sure we will be back many times!